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EN 10204 Type 3.2 Certification

Hastelloy C22 Pipe
Renine Metalloys LLP offers third-party verification of non-class materials to standards other than the Renine Metalloys LLP Rules. In performing third-party material verifications, Renine Metalloys LLP is governed by EN 10204:2006 and ISO 10474:2013 standards.

EN 10204 Type 3.2 Certification

Type 3.2 certification involves visits to the client facility by the third-party surveyor for visual examination, sample dimensional checks, confirmation that materials are traceable back to their ladle chemical analysis and validation that their properties meet material specification requirements. The surveyor would also visit the appropriate metallurgical lab to witness appropriate mechanical tests.

An Renine Metalloys LLP surveyor will visit the metallurgical lab to witness all additional testing of the material necessary to confirm compliance with the specification. If all of the above meet the requirements, the Renine Metalloys LLP surveyor will carry out a final visit to the intermediate material handler to review documentation, verify that the material meets the product specification and the customer’s purchase order requirements and issue the Survey Report.

Restrictions For Use

Renine Metalloys LLP will not attend for 3.2 material verification when the end use is for Nuclear or Aerospace industries.

Type 3.2 certificates do not constitute compliance with Renine Metalloys LLP Rules. Materials holding an Renine Metalloys LLP 3.2 certificate are not suitable for use on Renine Metalloys LLP-classed vessels.