Inconel 625 Plate

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Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium alloy plate known for its strength, corrosion resistance, and fabrication ease. The main elements composing this nickel-based superalloy plate are nickel, chromium, molybdenum, niobium, and iron. The nickel and chromium content gives Inconel good oxidation and corrosion resistance.

The plate has remarkable tensional, creep and rupture properties in extreme temperatures. It keeps strength and toughness from cryogenic temperatures up to 1800°F. Inconel 625 has a good fatigue strength and resists cracking. The plate can be formed and welded conveniently using the usual methods. It has good welding properties due to the composition of the alloy that hinders weld decay. The UNS N06625 Plain Sheet gives an unusual blend of strength, toughness and fabricability.

Inconel 625 plate is widely used in industries like aerospace, chemical processing, pollution control, and oil and gas. Components like engine exhaust manifolds, turbine blades, heat exchangers, and rocket motor casings rely on their strength at high temperatures. The petrochemical industry utilizes Inconel 625 for its resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking.

The plate’s corrosion resistance makes it ideal for handling acidic gases and oxidizing environments. UNS N06625 Circle resists the effects of seawater, brine, and industrial pollution. Architectural cladding, food processing equipment, nuclear reactors, and surgical implants employ the plate where durability and biocompatibility are vital.

ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Plate provides ruggedness and longevity across challenging operating conditions. Parts maintain integrity when subjected to repeated heating and cooling cycles. The plate has twice the life expectancy of austenitic stainless steel.

Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium alloy plate offering exceptional tensile strength, corrosion and oxidation resistance, and ease of fabrication. Inconel 625 plate delivers unparalleled performance where reliability at extreme temperatures and in corrosive environments is critical.

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Specification Of Inconel 625 Plate

SpecificationsASTM B443 / ASME SB443
Dimensional specificationASTM, ASME and API
Size 1000 mm x 2000 mm, 1220 mm x 2440 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm, 2000 mm x 4000 mm
Thickness1.0mm – 200mm
Range5 mm To 50 mm thick in 1000 mm TO 1250 mm width & 2500 mm Length.
ProductionHot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
Form Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange) etc.

Price List Of Inconel 625 Plate

  • UNS N06625 Circle US $44 - $46 / Kg
  • ASTM B443 Inconel 625 2B Finish US $47 - $50 / Kg
  • DIN 2.4856 Clad Plate US $45 - $49 / Kg
  • ASTM BB443 Inconel 625 CR Sheet US $46 - $47 / Kg
  • ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Coil US $44 - $50 / Kg

Equivalent Grades Of Inconel 625 Plate

Inconel 6252.4856N06625NCF 625NC22DNB4MNA 21ХН75МБТЮNiCr22Mo9NbЭИ602

Chemical Composition Of Inconel 625 Plate

NiFeCMnSiCr2MoCoAlTiNb + TaPS
58.0 min5.0 max0.10 max0.50 max0.50 max20.0-23.08.0-10.01.0 max0.40 max0.40 max3.15–4.150.015 max0.015 max

Mechanical Properties Of Inconel 625 Plate

DensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
8.4 g/cm3
1350 °C (2460 °F)
Psi – 1,35,000 , MPa – 930
Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 517
42.5 %

Different Types Of Inconel 625 Plate

ASTM B443 Inconel 625 2B Finish
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Chequered Plate
UNS N06625 Circle
DIN 2.4856 Clad Plate
ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Coil
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Cold Rolled Coils
UNS N06625 Cold Rolled Sheet
DIN 2.4856 CR Sheet
ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Diamond Plate
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Finish Sheet
UNS N06625 Flats
DIN 2.4856 Foil Sheet
ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Hot Rolled Coils
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Hot Rolled Sheet
UNS N06625 HR Sheet
ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Perforated Sheets
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Plain Sheet
UNS N06625 Plate
DIN 2.4856 Polished Plate
ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Ring
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Rolled Coils
UNS N06625 Rolls
DIN 2.4856 Sheets
ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Shims
ASME SB443 Inconel 625 Slitting Coil
UNS N06625 Strip
DIN 2.4856 Trim Strip

Our Manufacturing Process Of Inconel 625 Plate

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