Inconel X-750 Round Bar

ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Triangle Bar, Werkstoff Nr 2.4669 Peeled Round Bar, AMS 5667 Inconel X-750 Hex Bar, JIS NCF X-750 Rectangular Bar, UNS N07750 Hexagonal Bar, UNS N07750 Black Bar, Werkstoff Nr 2.4669 Polished Bar, Werkstoff Nr 2.4669 Deformed Bar, ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Threaded Bar.

Inconel X-750 is a nickel-chromium alloy mixed with titanium and aluminium to produce round bars with exceptional high-temperature strength. The bars resist deformation and cracking when exposed to continual heating over 1,000°F, which is needed for demanding applications.

This round shape AMS 5667 Inconel X-750 Hex Bar allows easy machining into finished components like fasteners, springs and bushings, requiring stability against heat-induced distortions. Custom bar sizes suit specific part production requirements. The capacity to endure extreme temperatures while retaining ductility comes from carefully blending and reinforcing key elements like iron, cobalt and molybdenum within the alloy. 

A key advantage of Werkstoff Nr 2.4669 Polished Bar is that they form a protective oxide coating when heated. This sturdy surface layer resists erosion and corrosion as gases, liquids or molten materials flow over it during service. The coating prevents typical pitting, cracking or wearing away of the base material even at sustained high temperatures.

Demanding applications using Inconel X-750 round bar are found in aerospace, power generation, chemical processing, pollution control and petroleum refining. Jet engine components, nuclear reactors, molten metal transfer piping and petrochemical furnace parts all benefit from sustained durability. These bars withstand extremes without sudden failures.

Components made from the bars resist wear and distortion even as combustion gases, steam flows and high-pressure liquids pass over them. Thlighter-weightier weight parts that increase service in high-temperature temperature equipment like turbines, reactors and transfer piping. More operational time lowers costs and risks.

In many vital and demanding applications, UNS N07750 Black Bar deliver exceptional stability and resilience against heat, corrosion and exhaustion effects better than less durable alloys. Their capacity to endure years of cycling between extreme cold and hot temperatures ensures reliable equipment with lower failure rates.


Specification Of Inconel X-750 Round Bar

SpecificationsASTM B637 / ASME SB637
StandardDIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Thickness50 mm to 6000 mm Long
Length1 To 6 Meters, Custom Cut Length
FormRound, Square, Hex(A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.

Price List Of Inconel X-750 Round Bar

  • AMS 5667 Inconel X-750 Hex Bar US $44 - $50 / Kg
  • Werkstoff Nr. 2.4669 Square Bar US $46 - $47 / Kg
  • JIS NCF X-750 Rectangular Bar US $44 - $46 / Kg
  • ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Threaded Bar US $47 - $50 / Kg
  • UNS N07750 Black Bar US $45 - $49 / Kg

Equivalent Grades Of Inconel X-750 Round Bar

Inconel X-750N077502.4669

Chemical Composition Of Inconel X-750 Round Bar

0.40-1.0.08 max14.0-17.01.00 max0.50 max5.0-9.01.00 max0.70-1.2070.0 min2.25-2.75.01 max.50 max

Mechanical Properties Of Inconel X-750 Round Bar

Ultimate Tensile Strength.2% Yield StrengthElongation %
1250 MPa, 181000 psi850 MPa, 123000 psi30

Different Types Of Inconel X-750 Round Bar

ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Bright Bar
UNS N07750 Hex Bar
Werkstoff Nr. 2.4669 Square Bar
AMS 5667 Inconel X-750 Rectangular Bar
ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Threaded Bar
UNS N07750 Black Bar
Werkstoff Nr. 2.4669 Peeled Round Bar
JIS NCF X-750 Cold Drawn Bar
ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Flat Bar
UNS N07750 Hexagonal Bar
AMS 5667 Inconel X-750 Polished Bar
JIS NCF X-750 Hot Rolled Bar
ASTM B637 Inconel X-750 Triangle Bar
UNS N07750 Half Round Bar
Werkstoff Nr. 2.4669 Deformed Bar

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