Nickel 200 Tube Sheet

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Nickel 200 Tube Sheet is high-purity, commercially pure wrought Nickel, ensuring first-rate corrosion resistance. Well-known for its exemplary mechanical properties and resistance to many corrosive environments, our tube sheet is a testament to reliability and durability.

Reinforced with top-grade UNS N02200 Condenser Tubes, a necessity in numerous corrosive and high-temperature environments, the tube sheet imparts excellent magnetic and magnetostrictive properties. It maintains its premium quality even at soaring temperatures, serving as an ideal choice for heat exchangers or operations where maintaining structural integrity under thermal stress is critical.

Designed with accurate dimensions, the sheet’s ease of welding and forming makes it apt for many applications in fields as diverse as chemical, marine, food processing, and electrical and electronic parts manufacturing. The Nickel 200 Evaporator Coils is also apt for hydrogen atmosphere applications due to its low gas content and vapor pressure.

The sheet combines durability with flawless functionality, ensuring optimal resistance to caustic alkalis. Nickel 200 also has excellent mechanical properties across a wide range of temperatures, retaining its strength even under extreme temperature conditions.

The tube sheet is available in various thicknesses and diameters, offering versatility to suit your specific requirements. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch products that align with various industrial standards.DIN 2.4066 Condenser Coil is not just a product; it’s a solution for those seeking uncompromised quality and performance in their projects.


200 nickel sheetNickel Alloy 201 Seamless tube

Specification Of Nickel 200 Tube Sheet

StandardDIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Thickness12 mm to 350 mm & As Per Drawing
Diameter1000 mm x 2000 mm, 1220 mm x 2440 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm, 2000 mm x 4000 mm
TypeCondenser Tubes, Condenser Coil, Evaporator Coils

Price List Of Nickel 200 Tube Sheet

  • UNS N02200 Condenser Tubes US $44 - $50 / Kg
  • DIN 2.4066 Condenser Coil US $46 - $47 / Kg
  • Nickel 200 Evaporator Coils US $44 - $46 / Kg
  • UNS N02200 Condenser Tubes US $47 - $50 / Kg
  • DIN 2.4066 Condenser Coil US $45 - $49 / Kg

Equivalent Grades Of Nickel 200 Tube Sheet

Nickel 200N022002.4066NW 2200Ni 99.2

Chemical Composition Of Nickel 200 Tube Sheet

Nickel 2000.15 max0.35 max0.35 max0.01 max0.25 max0.40 max99.0 min

Different Types Of Nickel 200 Tube Sheet

Inconel 625 Evaporator Coils
UNS N02200 Condenser Tubes
DIN 2.4856 Condenser coil
DIN 2.4066 Condenser Coil
Inconel 625 Evaporator Coils
Nickel 200 Evaporator Coils

Typical Hole Patterns

Inconel 625 tube
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