Incoloy 900 Forged Fitting

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Incoloy 900 a nickel iron chromium alloy that can be strengthened through precipitation hardening is well known for its strength and ability to resist corrosion, in various conditions. 

Incoloy 900 Forged Fittings play a role, in industries from petrochemical plants to power generation facilities. Their durability and ability to withstand conditions make them essential components for operations where performance and reliability are key. These fittings are known for their corrosion resistance and robust mechanical properties making them ideal for demanding applications that require top notch quality.

Incoloy 900 Forging Key Features:

1. Resistance to Corrosion: The UNS N09900 Incoloy 900 Forged Cap exhibit resistance to corrosion in both alkaline settings making them ideal for applications involving exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures.

2. Strength: Through the forging process these fittings are strengthened to endure temperatures and high pressure environments while maintaining performance levels.

3. Longevity: Known for their durability DIN 2.4661 Forged Threaded Lateral Tee can uphold their integrity in challenging situations ensuring reliability and longevity.

4. Adaptability: These fittings offer versatility. Can be utilized across industries such as oil and gas chemical processing, aerospace and marine sectors due to their ability to meet diverse operational needs.

5. Precision Engineering: Each Incoloy 900 Forged Union is crafted with precision and attention to detail to guarantee a fit within piping systems.

With a blend of strength, durability and corrosion resistance Incoloy 900 Forged Fittings are favored in industries that prioritize excellence, performance and longevity. Whether used in high pressure systems, chemical settings or extreme temperatures these fittings offer a solution that ensures optimal performance and safety, in critical operations.

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Specification Of Incoloy 900 Forged Fitting

StandardASME B16.11, MSS-SP-79, MSS-SP-83, MSS-SP-95, MSS-SP-97, BS3799
DimensionsASME 16.11, MSS SP-79,83,95,97,BS 3799
Size1/2"NB TO 4"NB IN
Class / Pressure3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS

Price List Of Incoloy 900 Forged Fitting

  • UNS N09900 Incoloy 900 Forged Cap US $20 - $25 / Kg
  • DIN 2.4661 Incoloy 900 Forged Cross US $23 - $24 / Kg
  • Forged Adapter Fitting US $22 - $23 / Kg
  • UNS N09900 Forged Full Coupling US $24 - $25 / Kg
  • DIN 2.4661 Incoloy 900 Forged Tee US $21 - $22 / Kg

Equivalent Grades Of Incoloy 900 Forged Fitting

Incoloy 900N099002.4661

Different Types Of Incoloy 900 Forged Fitting

UNS N09900 Forged 45 Degree Elbow
DIN 2.4661 90 Degree Elbow
UNS N09900 Forged Adapter Fitting
DIN 2.4661 Forged Cap
UNS N09900 Forged Cross
DIN 2.4661 Forged Fitting Swage Nipple
UNS N09900 Forged Full Coupling
DIN 2.4661 Forged Half Coupling
UNS N09900 Forged Hex Nipple Fitting
DIN 2.4661 Forged Sockolet Fitting
UNS N09900 Forged Tee
DIN 2.4661 Forged Threaded Bush
UNS N09900 Forged Threaded Plug
DIN 2.4661 Forged Threaded Reducing Tee
UNS N09900 Forged Union
UNS N09900 Forged Weld Tee
DIN 2.4661 Forged Hex Plug
UNS N09900 Reducing Insert Socket Forged Fittings
DIN 2.4661 Threaded Equal Tee Forged Fitting
UNS N09900 Forged Threaded Lateral Outlet
DIN 2.4661 Forged Threaded Lateral Tee
UNS N09900 Forged Threaded Nipple Outlet
DIN 2.4661 Threaded Pipe Nipples
UNS N09900 Forged Reducing Cross Forged Fitting
DIN 2.4661 Forged Threaded Round Head Plug
UNS N09900 Threaded Screwed Street Elbow Forged Fitting
DIN 2.4661 Threaded Unequal Tee Forged Fitting
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